Windows 8 Fails to Restart or Turn OFF – How to Fix it?

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Windows 8 users unable to restart or shutdown the system – How to fix this problem? Often users have faced this kind of similar problems with Windows 8 shutdown and restart. There can be several reasons behind this problem. The power options or the programs running in the system might prevent the system from turning off or shutting down or anything. Here is the tutorial how you can get rid of this problem and shut down your Windows 8 PC without any 8 unable to shutdown

On trying to shut down Windows 8 PC it simply doesn’t turn off or even restart is prohibited. The system keeps running or shows some kind of errors on attempting to turn off. We have come up with some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on Windows 8.

  • It is always recommended to end or close all the programs running on before turning of the system. Often you might now know some system programs might be updates or some third party program running background which is preventing the system to Turn Off. Open task manager and end any program running in the system.
  • Create a system restore point or backup and go for Updating Windows. If you have any updates notifications click on it or manually look for the update and update Windows.
  • Windows 8 brought up Fast start up feature to boot Windows faster than earlier version. Try disabling fast startup and restart your system. Open power options and uncheck the Fast Startup option.
  • Perform a clean boot or go ton safe mode and see if the system turns off. Open System configuration using the command msconfig in RUN dialog. Go to startup tab and disable or uncheck the non-Microsoft program and restart your system. Or go to Boot tab and click the safe mode and enter the mode and try turning off your system. As we all know very few functions and programs are loaded at the safe mode, so if there is any program preventing the issue then you can easily turn off the system in safe mode. If the system fails to turn off then there is some other errors that are causing this kind of error on the system.
  • Create a restore point and go for the registry editing. This might help you fix the issue with Windows 8 not turning off.
  • Press Win + R and type in regedit and hit enter. This will open the registry editor. Here navigate to the following location HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager:BootExecute
  • Now, delete all the entries in this location keeping behind autocheck (autochk)

That’s it. Finally, restart or turn off the system. This trick seems to help you resolve your turning off problem.

  • Often corrupted Hard disk drive can also be the culprit causing this shutting down problem. Run the command chkdsk in RUN dialog or run a mem test to diagnose the health and performance of the system hard disk. If the HDD turns out to be the faulty you need to replace it.


Even after trying out all the steps the problem isn’t fixed. Hold down the power button on the system for a while this will turn off the system, but this is not recommended as this might corrupt the HDD.

Hopefully the fixes described in the tutorial here resolve the shutdown or turning off problem in Windows 8 PC.


Priyanka contributes to the Computer and Gadgets section on Techcular.

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