Windows 8 – Hide Catalyst Control Center Icon from Taskbar

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Computer needs specific drivers to provide flawless functioning of the hardware and software installed in the system. If you have AMD video drivers installed on your system, then you must have seen the Catalyst Control Center icon in the system tray or taskbar notification area. Here is the tutorial how you can show (add) or hide (remove) Catalyst Control Center Taskbar Notification Area Icon in Windows 8.

enable disable Catalyst Control Center Icon Taskbar

If you are one who doesn’t favor having the Catalyst Control Center icon, then you can remove them from Windows 8 by following the steps described below.

Steps to Show “Catalyst Control Center” Icon in Taskbar Notification Area

On desktop, right click on an empty space and click on Catalyst Control Center

Catalyst Control Center taskbar

In the Catalyst Control Center window, click on Preferences button

enable Catalyst Control Center taskbar

Next, select Enable System Tray Menu and have it checked afterwards

show Catalyst Control Center taskbar

Now, open Notification Area Icons settings and make sure that all the options for icons and notifications on the taskbar is checked or alternatively have Show icon and notifications selected for Catalyst Control Center: Host application.

Once you have completed all the steps, you can see icons in the system tray in task bar.

Steps to Hide “Catalyst Control Center” Icon from Taskbar Notification Area

Open Catalyst Control Center as above or right click on the “Catalyst Control Center” taskbar notification area icon, and hit Hide

OR on desktop, right click on an empty area and select Catalyst Control Center

Catalyst Control Center taskbar

Under Catalyst Control Center, open preferences button and click on option Enable System Tray Menu to untick or uncheck it

remove Catalyst Control Center taskbar

You will need to reset the notifications area icons cache to get rid of all old and inactive entries if you wish to hide or remove inactive Catalyst Control Center: Host application entry in your Notifications Area Icons settings

The tutorial above is applicable with Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8 to add or remove Catalyst Control Center icon from system taskbar notification area.


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