Windows 8: How to Disable Touchpad Edge Swipes?

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If you are a Windows 8 user then you must be well aware of the Edge swipes feature. This feature allows you to open Charms bar, app Switcher, and Application bar by moving one finger from the edge of the touchpad. With this feature enabled you don’t have to use any keyboard shortcuts to launch or open Charms bar, app Switcher, and Application bar. But, many users can open them mistakenly while using the touchpad or trackpad. This irritates user, so here is the tutorial how you can enable or disable Touchpad Edge Swipes in Windows 8.Disable Touchpad Edge SwipesWindows 8 has brought out many changes as compared to the earlier version of OS. The charms bar feature is one of the newly added features that enable you to launch several other features and functionality. Generally, Windows key +C is used to open charm bar, but with the Edge swipes you can only use one-finger movement from the edge of the touchpad or trackpad in towards the center to open the same.

With Edge Swipe enabled in your Windows 8, you can perform the following functions:

  • Navigate from currently opened application to the previously opened one, by simple swipe from the left edge to the center switches.

Open or close the Charms bar by a simple swipe from the right edge of the touchpad to the center swipe right edge

  • Opens or closes Application bar by a swipe from the top edge towards the center.

swipe top to center

Despite of its usefulness, some users might open them mistakenly while using the touchpad when it is really not needed. It’s really annoying to close the charms bar every time it appears and distracts you if you are in middle of your work. You can get rid of this feature if it’s annoying you while you are working by disabling it.

Steps to Disable Touchpad Edge Swipes in Windows 8

Before moving on to the process, make sure that your Synaptics touchpad drivers are updated to its latest available drivers. If not you can install the latest drivers from Synaptics link.

  • From the start screen or desktop, open the Control Panel in the icons view and click on the Mouse icon
  • Now you have Mouse Properties window, here click on the last tab for your Device Settings, and click on Settings. The name of the last tab varies from manufacturer to manufacture i.e. depend on what brand and driver make of your touchpad is

TouchPad device settings

  • Under settings tab, you can see Enable Edge Swipes option, simply uncheck the box besides it to disable it or check the box to enable the edge swipes and hit OK

TouchPad disable touch edge swipes

  • Finally, click OK in Mouse Properties window.

Upon following the steps described above you can now easily Enable or Disable Touchpad Edge Swipes in Windows 8 whenever you wish to.


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