Windows 8: Prevent Malware Activities by Disabling AutoPlay Feature

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When you connect any external devices like an USB or SD card or insert any DVD disc in the drive you are prompted by an AutoPlay option. Generally the AutoPlay feature allows you to run the programs or the contents run automatically as soon as it is connected to the Computer so that it becomes easier for you to play any enhancements. But, accessing this auto play feature regularly on windows 8 can cause many harmful defects on your computer as it provides the gateway for the entry of malware or virus from USB device to your computer. Here is the tutorial how to disable AutoPlay feature on Windows 8.

disable AutoPlay feature on Windows 8
When you insert an infected USB devices to your computer the malware or virus extends through AutoPlay feature. This can cause not only corrupts Windows 8 OS but also changes the personal settings of files and folders stored in your computer. Therefore, it is suggested to disable the AutoPlay feature in the windows 8. By doing this way you can secure the data stored in your computer and to avoid any unsafe threats to the files.

Disable Auto Play in windows 8

Disable AutoPlay through windows 8 Start Screen

  • Bring the Settings Search field by pressing shortcut Windows key + W from keyboard in the windows 8 start screen and type in autoplay. This will bring instant search results in the left side

autoplay search

  • Next, Click on AutoPlay option from the search result showed up at the left pane

search autoplay

  • You will now see a new window named AutoPlay, uncheck the box for the option Use AutoPlay for All media and Devices

autoplay windows 8

  • Finally click on save button at the bottom to apply new settings in the windows 8.

Disable AutoPlay through Windows 8 Desktop screen or Control Panel

  • If you are on Windows 8 desktop screen, hover your mouse cursor to left corner underneath in the desktop screen and right-click
  • Upon right click a drop-down list appears including several windows 8 setting options, click on Control panel option

control panel

  • When the control panel window of windows 8 appears click on AutoPlay option

control panel autoplay

  • Now you can see the AutoPlay window here and uncheck the box for the option Use AutoPlay for All media and Devices

autoplay windows 8

  • Save and close the window to disable the feature.

Whenever you wish to enable autoplay feature inside windows 8, simply check that box from Auto play window which you have unchecked before.

Upon following the steps described above you can easily enable or disable AutoPlay feature in your Widows 8 computer.


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