Windows 8: Scan with Microsoft Safety Scanner to get on the Spot Virus

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As previously discussed regarding Windows 8, Microsoft has embedded many latest and new features to improve the performance and provide better functioning as compared to the earlier versions of Windows OS. Microsoft has inbuilt a handful security tools to provide better security to your Windows 8 system such as Windows Defender, the Microsoft Security Essentials suite and Windows Family Live. You can also find the on-spot malware activities on your system using the Microsoft Safety Scanner. Here is the tutorial how you can get on the spot virus scan using Microsoft Safety Scanner in your Windows 8 system.

scan with microsoft safety scanner windows 8

The improved version of Windows has brought a lot of changes to make it more resistive towards virus and other malware to provide better protection and security to your PC. Microsoft also avails a free on demand scanner available to find centralized problems. You can also find on spot problems such as Trojans, exploits and worms with the help of the Microsoft Safety Scanner.

Steps to use the Microsoft Safety Scanner in Windows 8

Microsoft doesn’t avail Microsoft Safety Scanner automatically with an installed Windows 8, so you need to download it from this link and click on Download Now button there.

download microsoft safety scanner

  • Download the compatible version for your operating system, i.e. either a 32-bit or 64-bit. Click to download correct version.

microsoft safety scanner download

  • Once the download is completed, click on the Microsoft Safety Scanner to start with the scanning process
    Upon getting the license agreement for using the Microsoft Safety Scanner, click the box to accept the terms and click Next

user license agreement

  • When you are prompted by the Microsoft Safety Scanner stating that the scan is not the solution for all malware, spyware and more you could have on your computer. It’s a tool that should be used in conjunction with anti-virus and spyware removal software, simply click Next

microsoft safety scanner

  • Now, opt for the type of scan you want to scan your system that is either a quick, full or custom scan. If you are using the tool for the first time, click Full scan. If not, you can opt for anything you wish to.

choose a type of scan microsoft safety scanner

  • Then, click Next to start scanning your system for any malware or any issues

scanning with microsoft safety scanner

  • The time taken the Microsoft Safety Scanner to scan the system depends upon the type of scan selected.
  • Upon completion of scan, if the results shows that your system is clean then you can try running anti-virus or spyware program just to be sure that your PC is free of any kind of risk.

microsoft safety scanner after scan

It is recommended to Windows 8 users to utilize Microsoft Safety Scanner. It is an easy utility program that provides security to your PC from online threats.

When you suspect that your system is infected, then you can simply download and scan your system with Microsoft Safety Scanner. If there is other anti-spyware installed on your system, then try running them to get rid of all online threats and malware to secure your computer and data from any kind of risk or harm.


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