Get to Windows 8 Startup Screen bypassing the Metro Start Screen

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The Windows 8 Operating System has many new features and its quite different from the other versions of Windows OS. Some users are getting confused over the new features and believe it be unfriendly OS. On the previous versions of Windows OS it would directly get on to the startup screen on booting while in Windows 8 upon booting the metro start screen appears, which is a bit irritating as it first needs to be dismissed before accessing the desktop. This OS needs extra time after which you can access the computer. Follow the tutorial to directly get into the Windows 8 Startup Screen by avoiding the metro screen.

Get into windows8 startup screen bypassing metro screen

Upon booting the screen is locked and access to the computer is blocked until you haven’t dismissed the metro start screen. Although metro screen is interesting, but it’s little irritating when you don’t have time to spare. You can easily boot into the windows screen by bypassing the metro start screen.

Ways to Disable the Windows8 metro Screen

  • Disable the Lock Screen – You can disable the metro screen on Windows 8, to achieve this search gpedit.msc through Metro and move to Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Control Panel > Personalization. On getting there, double click Do not display the lock screen and enable the policy. The lock screen will be disabled.
  • Log in to your Windows 8 account automatically by searching netplwiz through Metro and uncheck Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer. Provide all the needed credentials. After doing this you can access your account or the account will be loaded automatically.

Alternate way to log into the startup screen directly by using Classic Shell software. This software brings back the classic or the basic windows feature in the Windows 8. For example, classic Start Menu, start button, standard toolbar buttons in Windows Explorer, etc. This software have been updated and now it features the method to skip the metro start screen.

Perform these simple steps if you want to skip Metro Start Screen in Windows 8.

  • Firstly, you need to download and install Classic Shell software¬†
  • After installing Classic Shell, open Classic Start Menu Settings window. To open it go to All Programs > Classic Shell > Start Menu Settings option or directly by right-clicking on Start button and then select Settings option

classic shell software settiing windows

  • Now go to Windows 8 Settings tab under Settings window, but make sure that Skip Metro screen option is enabled

Restart the computer to apply the changes. Upon rebooting you can boot straight into the Desktop interface. However, the metro screen cannot be avoided completely it appears for seconds.

Upon following the above steps you can skip the metro start screen and boot into the windows screen directly.

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  1. I have downloaded the upgrade assistant for Win 8 and it says that my antivirus is not supported and I need to buy a reliable antivirus. It also says that we need to download separate drivers for the camera and CD drive to work. The upgrade looks complicated……

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