Windows Phone 8 supports 50 languages & speech recognition in 15 languages

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Microsoft is giving all its efforts to Windows 8 OS to distinguish it from the Windows 7.8. Both have similar kind of features but Windows 8 is going to support the 50 different languages, which makes it different from the Windows 7.8 OS. Windows 8 is the first mobile software, which is giving 50 languages support and this is providing more 22 languages from the previous Windows phone. This change has done due to the request of customer for Windows 8.

windows phone 8 supports speech recognition

Language is the most important factor in case of communication or operating a device and Microsoft is taking a great step towards it. It added new style fonts and enhanced its code for Email, Office, and SMS. You can browse the internet as per your selected languages and it can handle many complex scripts.

Microsoft has also enhanced its speech recognition to support 15 different languages/dialects of Countries like Brazil, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India (English), Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom and United States. The Windows 8 phone provides on screen keyboard for 50 different languages.

This language implementation is very tough especially those are different from the other languages and some languages also need an advanced code implementation. The details about the available languages are there in Windows 8 devices. We said before that it could handle many complicated scripts for example in Thai and Hindi languages the meaning of a word, shape changes when an adjacent letters combined.

As well as in Arabic, Hebrew and Persian the written format is right to left. For this reason, the development team had faced many problems but they overcome by implementing a mirror technology to reverse such Arabic languages.

The on screen keyboard of the Windows 8 phone provides 50 languages and offers native prediction where the languages are used. For example, English text prediction can be used in India, UK and US and French for France, Switzerland and Canada. This feature might boost the selling of the Windows 8 phones in the worldwide and will give great experience in sending the SMS, Emails in the native languages.

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