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WP7 Android Launcher is a cool app for Android. It turns the home screen of your Android phone to the Windows Phone 7 Metro layout with tiles. It is very much similar to Windows Phone 7 launcher for iPhone. You will get the same look as like the Metro layout of Windows Phone 7 devices.

WP7 Launcher Android Home WP7 Launcher Android Apps

WP7 Android Launcher includes pretty attractive sketchy icons for system apps. It has a landscape mode which includes the compatibility with accelerometer auto-rotation. You can pin the tiles to the home screen from the apps list. To do this simply tap and hold on any app in the list and select ‘Pin Tile’. In that menu, you’ll get the option to uninstall the app.

WP7 Launcher Android Unpin Tile

WP7 Launcher Android Pin Tile

After pinning to the home screen, tap and hold on any tile. Then you can able to unpin it or move it to another location. Once you have tapped ‘Move Tile’, you need to tap and hold on another tile and select ‘Move here’. Repeat this same process for all the tiles that you want to move. The menu button brings some quick shortcuts to built-in Android features such as ‘Search’, ‘Manage applications’ and the usual ‘Settings’.

If you want to install WP7 Android Launcher on your phone, simply download the APK file. Get the file  on your phone install it by browsing to its location using any file manager. Once installed, get started by clicking the ‘Home’ button and choosing ‘7 Launcher’.

WP7 Android Launcher project


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