Google & Motorola working together to bring X-phone & X-tablet in 2013

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According to Wall Street Journal, Google and Motorola is jointly bringing a futures best smartphone to compete the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S lineup. They named this future smartphone as “X phone” and it is expected to come to market in 2013. Lior Ron is now handling the project who had previously worked as Google Product Manager but currently he is working with the Motorola. The developers of Motorola are also working on an “X tablet” and it is going to launch after the “X-phone”.

x phone and x tablet in 2013

The project leader Lior Ron said that they are going to sport a killer camera in this phone and it will be a unique smartphone, which will be quite different from the present approaches. Wall Street Journal also added that the Viewdle the gesture and facial recognition company is also working together with Motorola to bring unique features to the device.

The rumor said Motorola is designing the phone with exotic construction materials like ceramics for better resistant and the motto of the team is to implement some top-notch features for the camera and photo software. They are planning to add panoramic shots, better saturation effect in the photo software along with they will give better device interaction, media management, gaming, and social networking apps for entertainment.

Reportedly, The Google CEO Larry Page have told the developing team to “think big” and wants them to achieve the position of Samsung Mobile’s business. Motorola is also informed that they are going to work with flexible screen technology and materials such as ceramics but they are facing problem with supply and manufacturing of the materials. We do not have enough information about this project but if the above information are true then it will be very exciting for the customers.

Priyadarshini Pati

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