Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time Defense Game for Android Coming Soon

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Do you want to get double treat on Halloween? Oh yes! You can as Zombie Wonderland is back with sequel Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time for Android. On your mobile platform more and more familiar Zombie theme is coming soon that will allow players to feel not only fear but rather to bring more joy of playing. Zombie Wonderland is classic game in iOS and in recent news flashed that the game of second generation of the Zombies in Wonderland is going hit in Android platform. There will be more players to experience the fun of Zombie game.

zombie wonderland 2

Zombie defense game of Wonderland 2 is a real-time game with 3D effect and 360 degree rotating screen. In this game, players has to continuously guard their house against the waves of zombies in every directions. While in the game players can pay no heed to the roof all over the surveillance room furnishings, and at the door, window, etc. on the zombie attack.

zombie wonderland 2 characters

Xoobis is the developer of the Zombie game and it has released the sequel to smash the Android masses. The game is going to release in October with lots of fun, colorful graphics, bunch of funny character designs and mish-mash of gaming genre’s. This cartoon style game is going to be very challenging and players need to stay sober-minded to play the game attentively because there will be constant attack of Zombies in the house. I defined it as challenging because the Zombie attack in the game will be from all the directions and it will surely test the flexibility of the player. Xoobis describes the Zombie Wonderland 2 as:

“If Tower Defense had a baby with Time Management, and its uncle Survival Horror enrolled him in an Action Shooter school, the name of the baby would be Zombie Wonderland.”

Here are few screenshots of this game, hope you like it.

screenshots zombie wonderland 2

The Zombie in Wonderland 2 is getting released outside of iOS platform and to support the Android platform for the very first time. Zombie new challenges are just around the corner. Hope you will enjoy the game. Just watch the trailer of Zombie Wonderland 2: Outta Time game from video below.


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